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District Badminton Results

04/15/2019, 2:00pm CDT
By Mitch

Junior District Results

Boys Singles

Gold - Kayden Ostrom (RCHS)

2nd - Abe Genis (BCS2000)

Girls Singles

Gold - Kennedy Sopczak (BCS 2000)

2nd - Joni Clark (OHS)

Boys Doubles

Gold -Austin Burton/Nate Gowan (RCHS)

2nd - Braedan Ashmore/Logan Smith (RCHS)

Girls Doubles

Gold - Irish Espino/Sadie Gillis (RCHS)

2nd - Ayslee B/Lexi S (Kenaston)

Mixed Doubles

Gold - Reese T/Dylan O (Loreburn)

2nd - Valentina Sanchez/Johndrey Tuco (BCS 2000)

Senior District Results

Boyx Singles

Gold - Seth Tryhuba (Kindersley)

2nd - Markus Martens (RCHS)

Girls Singles

Gold - Meagan Wenzel (RCHS)

2nd - Cassie Prentice (LCBI)

Boys Doubles 

Gold - Ryker Olafson/Liam Linnea (Kindersley)

2nd - Luc Charpentier/Brady Wingert (RCHS)

Girls Doubles

Gold - Hanna Tuico/Janessa Bryan (BCS 2000)

2nd - Lian Wood/Izzy DeLeon (RCHS)

Mixed Doubles

Gold - Mark Hill/Kennedy Martens (RCHS)

2nd - Riley Lahey/Madison Hobbs (Eston)

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Officials Corner

Find rules and info related to officiating

Track and Field Officiating Videos

These videos are provided by the West Central District Athletic Association to provide support for grass roots development of Track and Field officials. Thanks to Jody Polowick of the Sun West Distance Learning Centre for her time and technical expertise in the production of this series.  Thanks to our Sask. Athletics officials for their ongoing help and expertise.  Thanks to the students of Outlook High School for their demonstration help in this series.  

This series dedicated to the memory of Blake Lyons for his years of dedicated service to the sport of Track and Field.

Introduction - A message from Blake and Loretta Lyons

Blake and Loretta Lyons

Track and Field Rules

Throwing Events



Shot Put

Jumping Events

Long Jump

Triple Jump

High Jump