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Status of Extra-Curricular and Return to Sports

01/15/2021, 10:30am CST
By Mitch

In the interest of staff and student safety, extra-curricular activities continue to be suspended until such a time we hear otherwise. . Frequent discussions occur as everyone involved continues to comply with provincial medical orders and engage in ongoing planning for when school sport can be  brought back to our schools and our student athletes in a safe manner.  

West Central Athletic District and the Sun West School Division have always placed great value in school sport and know it holds an important place in our schools and the lives of our students. As things evolve, we will be sure to share all information that comes our way.  


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Track and Field Officiating Videos

These videos are provided by the West Central District Athletic Association to provide support for grass roots development of Track and Field officials. Thanks to Jody Polowick of the Sun West Distance Learning Centre for her time and technical expertise in the production of this series.  Thanks to our Sask. Athletics officials for their ongoing help and expertise.  Thanks to the students of Outlook High School for their demonstration help in this series.  

This series dedicated to the memory of Blake Lyons for his years of dedicated service to the sport of Track and Field.

Introduction - A message from Blake and Loretta Lyons

Blake and Loretta Lyons

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