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West Central District Badminton Results

05/03/2024, 9:15am CDT
By R. Garchinski

This past weekend, both Jr. and Sr. West Central District Badminton Championships were held.  This was the end for the junior teams.  Advancing Senior team move on to the SHSAA Regional Championships.  The Region 4 championship will be held in Rosetown.

We thank Commissioner Amy Flynn and the staff and students of Rosetown High School for hosting the Junior championships! 

We also thank Commissioner Leah Rusk and the staff and student of LCBI for hosting the Senior championship!



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Girls Singles:

1st  -Taya Green       (Rosetown)

2nd  -Ayla Stevens    (Kindersley)

3rd   -Abigail Friesen  (Dinsmore)

Boys Singles:
1st    -Brody Harris     (Outlook)

2nd   -Finn Asnanto    (Dinsmore)

3rd    -Will Campbell     (Elrose) 

Girls Doubles:

1st     -Ceanna Fischer/Hannah Weber   (Rosetown)

2nd    -Camryn Nelson/Angel Sodhi       (LCBI)

3rd     -Alexis Elstad/Darling McNeely     (Dinsmore)

Boys Doubles:

1st   -Willem/Dawid Wessels                  (Kindersley)

2nd  -Daxen Wilinski/Landon Fortin        (Elrose)

3rd   -Kyler Follick/Aiden Tran                (LCBI)

Mixed Doubles:

1st    -Amiyah Jones/Cooper Flath                     (Dinsmore)

2nd   -Rei James Dalisay/Kori Owens Nahorney   (Biggar)

3rd    -Boyd Anderson/Maddy Anderson              (Rosetown)

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